2008 Acura TSX

Post By: Talon Blizek

Date: 10/06/2023

The Story

I bought this car because I wanted a reliable vehicle that was comfortable to daily, and would be able to get me through the midwestern seasons. It’s “built” to be a fun daily driver and it meets that expectation perfectly. It’s got the creature comforts of a modern Honda or Acura while having the infamous k24a2 under the hood. I needed a car I could fit a bike in and go camping with and this car can do it all! It may not be the most exciting car out there but for the price I think it is an extremely underrated platform that can be made to compete with the modern Hondas we see dominating the fwd scene today at a fraction of the price. I am 18 and have worked and paid for this car entirely on my own, the mods I have done aren’t for track or true racing conditions but instead to enhance the handling capabilities these cars come with and improve the quality of the car overall You could call it oem + Mods / work done : 17x8 +30 mustang wheels Truhart adjustable coils 10% tint Oem carbon grey trunk Subaru sti front lip All ball joints / control arms replaced Cat delete Short air intake with a cold air pull from the bumper Duck bill Mugen Weather guards on the windows Side skirts Spoon red floor mats Mugen oil cap Aluminum Acura pedals Acura seatbelt covers Hand made shift nob

Current Setup

  • Wheels: 17x8 +30 mustang wheels