2009 Chevrolet Cobalt SS

Post By: Alex S

Date: 07/17/2023

The Story

When I first played NFS Most Wanted, I was 5 years old. If you've played that game, you know exactly how this story is going, lol. I played with that car until my Xbox died, and spent the years afterwards coveting that game. Fast forward to high school, and I wanted to buy a fun car. I didn't know much about cars, but I was deciding between the RX-8, the LSJ Cobalt SS, the S197 Mustang, and the RSX. After looking into it, the LSJ Cobalt seemed to be the cheapest all-rounder with some decent reliability. But I'd have to wait a while, because I wasn't allowed to get anything fun for my first car. So I forgot about cars as a hobby and moved on, at least until I got into an accident with the hand-me-down Hyundai. I realized I had more money than I expected- more than enough to buy a turbo Cobalt instead of a supercharged one. So I searched for three months and found a 44k mile turbo sedan; one of 759, no less, and bought it the day it was listed! It wasn't perfect. I preferred the back end of the coupes, the silver color wasn't anything to write home about, it had an open differential, and a crunch in the A-Pillar after a tree fell on it. But I didn't care. It was mine, and I was so happy to finally have the car I've pined after for so long! Most people didn't think anything of it though; people usually reacted with indifference, or openly mocked me for it. But I knew I had something I liked, so it didn't make me feel any less happy for it. I knew that I'd never sell it, and that still holds true almost 5 years later. It's truly been a dream to own. It's currently a hybrid turbo car that makes about 350hp with some basic suspension mods, and with that it does everything. It's quick in a straight line, corners and stops on a dime, and is comfortable enough to drive for over 10 hours at a clip (while getting over 31mpg, no less). It's had electrical gremlins, a few unfinished projects, and curbed wheels, but to me it's still perfect.

Current Setup

  • Performance: RPM Motorsports Upgraded Turbocharger
  • Performance: ZZP Silicon Intake Tube
  • Performance: ZZP Intercooler System
  • Performance: ZZP High Flow Catted Downpipe
  • Performance: GMPP Clutch
  • Suspension: Powell Race Parts YYZ V8 Lowering Springs
  • Suspension: Bilstein B8 Shocks
  • Suspension: OTTP Rear Sway Bar


Alex S

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