2010 Toyota Prius

Post By: Ryan Rhind

Date: 11/13/2023

The Story

When my daily Altezza progressively turned into a project car and then broke down and was taken off the road, I decided I needed a new daily. Something fuel efficient. So I bought a Prius. But I also cannot leave well enough alone so I - of course - started modifying this thing. And now it has issues. Overall goal with the car is to build something different. Taking one of the most ubiquitous cars to ever exist and making it unique is a fun challenge. It’s also a really unconventional platform where parts are hard to get so I also enjoy that challenging aspect of it. Current goal is get it lower and stiffer (not slammed, just tastefully low), work on some “enjoyable daily” stuff (sound system), maybe sort a body kit and then enjoy it while I dump money into the Altezza.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Anovia Trebles 17x9” et35
  • Suspension: Tein Flex Zs - custom 12kg springs by Chamberlain Springs NZ
  • Suspension: -3deg rear camber plates
  • Suspension: Cusco Front Strut Tower Bar
  • Suspension: Cusco Front Sway Bar
  • Suspension: Cusco Rear Sway Bar
  • Suspension: Hardrace RCAs

Planned Upgrades

  • Suspension: Custom camber/caster adjustable top hats
  • Exterior: Black housing headlights with white LED halos, new lenses
  • Exterior: Fledermaus ZVW30 Body Kit
  • Interior: Sound system upgrades - 5ch amp, some decent speaker and a subwoofer.
  • Suspension: Cusco Rear Strut Tower Bar
  • Suspension: Tein Adjustable Sway Bar Links