2011 G37x Tuned Daily Driver

Post By: nick getsay

Date: 10/06/2023

The Story

Picked up a Fresh 2011 G37x with 65k miles, One Owner and religious servicing at Infiniti, Being my first car with intent to modify I wanted to get a platform that was reliable, friendly to newbies, and exciting. I quickly dove into modify and rebuilding the car with new stock components. My goal is to create the most versatile daily driver. My first focus was maintenance and replacing wear and tear items. Shortly after I added an Ark Grip Catback, Test pipes, 3 inch Long Tube Cold Air Intakes and a tune. This car has changed my life in ways I never thought. I have started my own business based around the VQ platform and have found a community that has been so loving and caring.

Current Setup

  • Performance: Ark Grip Catback
  • Performance: Catless (Test Pipes)
  • Performance: Z1 3 inch Intakes with Custom High Flow Filters
  • Wheels: G35 Sport Rays
  • Tires: Pirelli P Zero AS Plus
  • Interior: Starlight Headliner, 12 inch android infotainment
  • Exterior: TheHaloWorkz Custom Tails
  • Wheels:

Planned Upgrades

  • Suspension: Coilovers
  • Exterior: Paint Correction or Wrap
  • Performance: ISR Long Tube Header
  • Exterior: TheHaloWorkz Custom Heads