2011 Mazda RX-8

Post By: Dave Hoffman

Date: 02/14/2024

The Story

I found this 2011 RX-8 in 2021 with less than 40000 miles for a price I couldn't turn down from someone who drove rotaries their whole life. It has a salvage title due to the driver door being hit by the original owner within the first year of ownership. It was sold and repaired by the person I bought it from who took it to car shows and kept up on maintenance. The cheap repaint is lifting and the car needs a respray. This is my summer car that I will be using for Autocross for the first time this year (2024) and can't imagine selling it. Outside of replacing the 6-disc touch screen head unit with a more modern head unit I don't think I will need to mod this much outside of better handling and finding original S2 RX-8 wheels to put back on it.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Unknown Drag wheels. Look similar to Drag DR-31