2012 Mazdaspeed 3

Post By: alex cristofoli

Date: 08/14/2023

The Story

When i was in highschool i was one of those kids that wanted a subaru sti. Like most car kids do in highschool. Got a job started looking around for said subaru. My sister at the time was seeing this dude (who is now my brother in-law) and he showed up to my house in his mazdaspeed 3, me not knowing what a mazdaspeed 3 even was, was shocked. I loved the look, the sound, the interior, turbo. Fell in love with the mazdaspeed right then and there. Started looking online and bought one within the next month. Here i am 8 years later still loving the car modified it more then i thought i ever would. And still no regrets.

Current Setup

  • Tires: Yokohama advan ad80r
  • Wheels: OPE Venom
  • Suspension: Koni orange shocks, lowering springs
  • Performance: PnP intake manifold
  • Performance: CPE TMIC
  • Performance: Xs power exhaust manifold
  • Performance: Ultimate racing downpipe
  • Performance: Magnaflow catback
  • Performance: GFB bypass valve
  • Performance: Cobb access port
  • Performance: Autotech fuel pump internals
  • Performance: Damond motorsports RMM,PMM
  • Performance: Corksport transmission mount insert
  • Performance: Damond motorsports short shift plate
  • Performance: Corksport injector seals
  • Performance: PCV plate
  • Performance: Oil catch can
  • Performance: 3.5\" intake
  • Performance: CST5 turbo
  • Performance: Devilsnow water/meth injection kit
  • Performance: Purple drank tune
  • Interior: Corksport short shifter setup
  • Interior: Gauges: exhaust temp., Oil pressure, oil temp.
  • Interior: Mishimoto shift knob
  • Exterior: Aeroflow splitter
  • Interior: Corksport shifter bushings
  • Exterior:


alex cristofoli