2013 Ford Focus Widebody

Post By: Richard Ciraulo

Date: 05/05/2023

The Story

Hey guys! So here is a bit of info on my (now sold) 2013 Ford Focus build. It started with just some k-sport coilovers and eventually evolved into a full custom widebody, air, wheels stance build. I understand stance is not to everyone's taste. But I do hope some of you enjoy seeing the evolution of this thing! The car essentially went through 4 stages. Pre-widebody | Widebody V1 | V2 | V3. In 2018 I moved to FL and had to bring the car in to a body shop for some repairs (driving this in the snow down to Florida behind salt spreaders wasn't my best of ideas...) But also, there were many issues with the original body work. Rusting underneath paint mainly. It was unfortunate. But I found out the (i thought to be) amazing job turned out to be crumbling away. Also, there was SOO much bondo used on the car. Being new to having a shop work on a car / new to heavily modifying a car, I wasn't aware of what to look out for. Now I can say I deff know. And will probably try to do as much as I can on my new project. (More on that later) Anyways, my buddy fixed the rusting and sealed it all to prevent anymore damage. I then had the car wrapped in black. Which I loved the look of! Also had the wheels disassembled and had the lips brushed and cleared. As opposed to the polish they were before. Finally, brought the car back in one last time. For a new colour / some more fixes, and to have the Varis (not actually Varis) Subaru WRX hatch wing fitted to the car. This was a custom job, as the wing had to be chopped in half and shortened to fit the focus. As well as have custom brackets made up. Shortly after getting all of this work done. I ended up moving back to NY and sold the car. To someone in FL. Car is now apparently sitting in some back yard, all 4 wheels are dented, trans is blown, and wing (literally) ripped off the car. It was a fun project while I had it. But to make it the way I truly wanted, would of take wayyy too much money. I would of had to of stripped the entire body down to metal, fix the rusting issues / bad body work and start over. Hence why I cut my losses and sold it! (Fun fact, the fifteen52s came off of the white Project ST focus that was built for SEMA with Ken Block)

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Fifteen52 Tarmac TR 3 Piece
  • Suspension: Air Lift Performance bag struts / Accuair VU4 Manifold
  • Exterior: Custom full metal widebody / Focus RS front bumper / Zetec S rear bumper / Focus ST side skirts
  • Exterior: Custom made headlights by Circuitdemon
  • Exterior: Varis Japan (rep) Subaru WRX hatch wing
  • Suspension: Extended front lower control arms / camber plates / rear camber arms


Richard Ciraulo