2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo

Post By: TheeCarterRay

Date: 10/30/2023

The Story

I first found this car sitting in the lot of my uncle's mechanic in Illinois. It had been towed in. The alternator lower mounting bracket had snapped off the engine block. The woman who owned it didn't have to pay for the new motor, so she abandoned it and the shop became its owner. It sat in their lot (first picture) for a few years until I saw it. I tried to buy it from the owner for 4 years. Just before I moved back to Minneapolis for my first job out of college, He let me know that he had fixed it and was trying to sell it. I convinced him to let it go for $4800 after he told me it needed a new radio (common problem), a new climate control cluster (also common), the trunk didn't open (also common issue) and that he welded the mount back onto the block. I bought it, drove it up to Minneapolis. Turns out that he JB-Welded it back on... It's held up so far. So far, I've fixed the bumper sag (mostly), radio, climate control, ac, trunk latch, and power steering coupler, and a few other things. It's leaking a bit of oil, what car doesn't at 10+ years old, and has a lot of broken bits and pieces. So far, I've added a Mishimoto catch can, a pair of Spec-D Headlights which were half price due to a partially dead LED strip because of a bad solder (fixed in an hour and saved $300), and Enkei J10's for my summer rims (stocks for the winters). I'm planning to go all out on this car and own it until it rusts through the frame (thanks rust belt). I want this car to be a lifelong project and learn everything about cars along the way. I've got plans of going as far as manual swapping the transmission, and pumping as much power into this 1.6L grenade as I can. It sure isn't fast, but it is fun as hell and handles like a go kart! Got any questions or wanna meet up and cruise, DM me on Instagram @theecarterray

Current Setup

  • Performance: Mishimoto Single Catch Can System
  • Exterior: Shen Kenvo 6k Color Temp LED Fog Lights
  • Exterior: Spec-D Head Lights
  • Wheels: Enkei J10 (Matte Black with Machined Lip)

Planned Upgrades

  • Suspension: Raceland Coilover set
  • Exterior: Duraflex Turbo D1 Wing



'13 Veloster Turbo Owner, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer and Gamer. Pursuing my passions and enjoying life along the way.