2013 Lincoln MKZ Built 2.0 Big Turbo

Post By: Nico Enrique

Date: 05/31/2023

The Story

This car was meant to be cheap luxury with possibility for tuning since it was a 2.0 ecoboost. After 5 years if owning it I blew a piston in cylinder 1 and had the choice to revive it or call the car a loss. Full throttle and rebuild the car to the beast it is now

Current Setup

  • Wheels: BC Forged 2 piece wheels
  • Suspension: D2 racing air bags, Airlift 3P management
  • Suspension: Steeda rear sway bar
  • Performance: 2618 Forged Internals
  • Performance: Garret gtx3071 Turbo
  • Performance: CP-E hot and cold charge pipes
  • Performance: HKS SSQV BOV
  • Performance: Radium PCV baffle plate
  • Performance: Massive Speed oil pan baffle
  • Performance: Boomba dual catch cans
  • Performance: CP-E intercooler
  • Performance: CP-E 3 inch downpipe
  • Performance: Injen CAI
  • Performance: CP-E rear motor mount
  • Interior: Starlight headliner
  • Exterior: Custom Lincoln pattern embossed wrap
  • Performance: XDI 2050 CC Injectors
  • Performance: XDI HPFP Evo


Nico Enrique

Nico, showing the Lincoln MKZ platform to the world.