2014 FR-S

Post By: Tyler

Date: 06/06/2023

The Story

I got my first frs in 2014. I drove it stock as my daily for years and very slowly modified it over time. I stuck to only changing one part between track days. After multiple coilover set ups (hsd, st, arogusta) I landed on a set of kw clubsports 2 ways. A couple different exhaust set ups before securing the ultimate set up for a NA fa20. Front to back HKS equal length header- Group m over pipe - Powerhouse Amuse R1000 front pipe and R1 Titan extra cat back.(I had dreamed of the amuse cat back for years after seeing it used on the Bulletproof concept one). Over the years wheels got changed up multiple times from 17x9 Advan sar3, 18” 3 piece work VS-SS, then back to 17” rpf1’s then landed on a set of Advan rzf2 18x9.5 wheels. but needing a second set for the track I also got a matching specs set of Advan TC-4. Around this time my frs got totalled and I purchased a second one to replace it. I moved all my mods over and added the endless BBK. (6 pot with floating rotors) and almost every Cusco brace and arm to accompany. the final piece (lol) was to get my Varis kit painted and on the car. And that's it. the frs is semi done and lives in the middle ground of a daily/track car that doesn't look out of place at a car show.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Advan tc-4 /rz f2 18x9.5 +45
  • Suspension: Kw clubsports
  • Exterior: Varis arising 2 kit
  • Performance: HKS oil cooler
  • Performance: Powerhouse amuse R1 Titan extra
  • Wheels:



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