2014 Hyundai Genesis coupe 3.8

Post By: Johnny May

Date: 05/05/2023

The Story

The bk2 Hyundai Genesis coupe…”the Korean mustang”. I’ve never liked the genesis coupe, nor have I given thought to the idea of owning one! It wasn’t until my cousin took an interest in owning a “sports car”, he was looking at entry level enthusiast cars and sent me a link to this 2014 3.8 coupe that he wanted me to take him to go test drive. I guess all my suggestions against the platform weren’t taken into consideration because we drove 40 minutes to go look at it. I decided to drive it myself to further push my dislike towards the chassis….give it about 20 minutes and I found myself signing paperwork and writing a check for that exact car with only 12,000 original miles! I currently use the car as a daily chassis and it’s properly setup for track days . This car fights above its class. No, it’s not as agile as a cayman or as functional as an M3 but it keeps up and shocks the competition as they’re passed by the car plagued with a slanted “H” emblem!

Current Setup

  • Performance: Exhaust : (headers, X-Pipe, vibrant performance Cat back)
  • Performance: Bolt Ons : ( ported throttle body, Ported upper intake manifold, ported lower manifold, CAI)
  • Performance: Fuel: (e85/ flex fuel)
  • Performance: Tunes: (alpha speed ECU tune/ Trans tune)
  • Suspension: Suspension: (bilstein suspension w/ ARK performance race springs swapped in)
  • Exterior: Front bumper: (front grille delete, Legatia v2 carbon lip)
  • Exterior: Remaining “Aero”: ( carbon fiber side splitters, street aero V2 diffuser)
  • Wheels:


Johnny May

Just an average automotive enthusiast from Tampa. No, I can’t afford the dream cars (GT3s, Ferrari’s, Lamborghinis)…and quite honestly that’s not the goal. I’ve found my automotive dreams to be simple and very obtainable. I like to trade in an out of relatable/obtainable enthusiast cars to understand and enjoy multiple chassis when possible!