2015 Acura ILX

Post By: Shamyr Harney

Date: 08/23/2023

The Story

This is a 2015 Acura ILX with a K24Z7. If you didn’t know, the first gen ILX (13-15) with the K24 only comes with a 6 speed manual and is a nicer 9th gen Civic Si. The bummer is that the ILX doesn’t have an LSD. This is my first manual car and I’ve had a blast learning it and getting into some modifications. I bought this car because it is lowkey and this version of the ILX with 6MT is getting harder and harder to find. I had a crazy itch to learn stick before I got it and it kinda fell into my lap. I work at an Acura dealership and we took it in on trade (Sep. 2022) and I knew I had to jump on it. I want this car to be a clean daily with tasteful mods and more subtle than its Honda counterpart can be. Not many people know about these things and I love that. I haven’t done too many things to it yet but I’ve got some things planned down the line.

Current Setup

  • Suspension: Godspeed Mono SS
  • Wheels: Black Enkei TS9 18x8.5 +35
  • Tires: Continental ContiProContact 235/40R18
  • Suspension: Progress 22mm Rear Sway Bar
  • Performance: Skunk2 Catless Downpipe and Hasport Rear Engine Mount
  • Performance: Full-Race Catback Exhaust
  • Performance: Acuity Curl Control Cold Air Intake + Ktuner V2
  • Exterior: Black Front Grille

Planned Upgrades

  • Exterior: Black Wrapped OEM Acura Decklid Spoiler and Chrome Delete
  • Interior: Endless RPM Custom Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel


Shamyr Harney