2015 Chevy Cruze Lt 1.4 Turbo

Post By: Luis Garriga

Date: 08/30/2023

The Story

Not too long ago I found out that my car has a great company backing it up on aftermarket support. I've always wanted to have a turbo car and never knew I had one until I decided to do my own oil change for once. Now the goal is to see if I can make 300hp on this car and truly get to enjoy something that I thought was out of my reach! I plan to progress more on this car but I am a family man so money is always tight when it comes to car parts. I hope to be able to install a bigger turbo and get a tune as well. please follow me on Instagram if you guys want to see more of this very odd build.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Forte GT-V 18x8 on 245/40 Tires with hub centric rings to make sure it has a prefect fit.
  • Suspension: Godspeed lowering springs lowered by 2inches
  • Performance: ZZP Full exhaust. Downpipe midpipe and catback its very quiet to be honest but still fun to drive
  • Performance: ZZP Wastegate actuator and ZZP intercooler upgrade with ZZP coil pack


Luis Garriga

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