2015 ford fiesta st

Post By: Andrew Andrew

Date: 01/09/2024

The Story

I originally wanted a civic Si but some of my friends convinced me to buy the fiesta. I had never owned a ford before only Japanese cars so I was a bit hesitant to do so. I wasn't too sure on what way to build the car but I slowly started modifying it and instantly fell in love with how it drove in the canyons and knew that was the way she was gonna be built. wasn't planning on modding it a lot but with a little bit of help from my friends I found a bunch of parts that i plan on installing in the future. its a fun little car that handles amazing and although its not fast it makes it up in the canyons.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: enkei j10 16x7.5
  • Wheels: enkei j10 16x7.5
  • Wheels: continental extreme contact dsw
  • Suspension: bc racing coilovers
  • Performance: cobb ots stage 1 with intake
  • Performance: cobb rear motor mount
  • Exterior: maxton design wing extender
  • Exterior: vega motorworks canards
  • Exterior: diode dynamics fog lights
  • Exterior: rally armor mudflaps
  • Wheels: isincer sequential mirror turn signals
  • Exterior: maxton design eyebrows
  • Exterior: whoosh rear wiper delete
  • Exterior: boomba racing wing risers
  • Interior: tb performance rear strut brace
  • Performance: r1 concepts slotted rotors
  • Performance: cpe catback exhaust
  • Performance: whoosh symposer delete
  • Performance: mishimoto expansion tank
  • Performance: boomba racing bov adapter


Andrew Andrew