2015 Ford Fusion

Post By: matthew mackey

Date: 02/23/2024

The Story

My first build, what started out as a daily progressed into a fully built show car with not a single part untouched. I got this car in college and went through many iterations before its final(and best IMO) form. From bone stock, to a lightly modified daily, to slammed static, wrapped, bagged, full interior, to wrecking the car on a rally and building it back from the ground up. I got to experience a lot of the car scene because of this car, travel all up and down the east coast to shows, and meet some of my best friends: this car will always hold a special place in my heart. Unfortunately this car was totaled out in February of 2023.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: SK Forged Circa 19x9.5 +35/30 Champaign Gold face with polished lips
  • Suspension: Airlift performance Bags and management
  • Exterior: Custom build Mondeo clear headlights
  • Exterior: Custom 1/1 titanium smoked clear taillights
  • Exterior: LED smoked clear reflectors
  • Exterior: 5hundred upper and lower front grills
  • Exterior: Stillen front lip
  • Exterior: Stillen roof spoiler
  • Exterior: JMA performance rear spoiler extension
  • Exterior: Fusion sport quad exhaust valance
  • Exterior: Silver hella horns
  • Interior: Custom Reupholstered interior Blue leather with gold stitching
  • Interior: Starlight headliner
  • Interior: Custom Forged Carbon and leather steering wheel with gold stitching
  • Interior: Tesla style radio
  • Interior: Wood trunk
  • Exterior: MKZ digital speedometer
  • Performance: Custom catback exhaust
  • Performance: Cold air intake
  • Performance: Tune


matthew mackey

Hey I'm Matt and I like to build cars, have fun with the homies, and create cool content. I grew up as the standard car guy playing with Hot Wheels and building cars on Need for Speed. Now I get to do that with real cars and make younger me proud. After 5 years of building stance cars: I'm now into building cars for track driving and Drifting.