2015 Honda Civic Si “fg4”

Post By: Reinaldo Nieves

Date: 08/23/2023

The Story

Back in 2015 I was living in Puerto Rico I was 22, when I first saw that new Si, felt in love and went to buy one, a 2 door in white, unfortunately I wasn’t able to purchase it, monthly payment was to high, fast forward 2017 I moved to Connecticut so to the hurricane that hit PR, started working at retail decided to go to the trucking business, then in 2021 started looking for a 2015 Si, and found one, didn’t thought about it twice I went and bought it. Best part is that it is a 2 door 2015 Si in white like the one in Puerto Rico. People often ask me why I didn’t bought a newer model etc, and it’s simple that 2015 2 door was the car I really wanted since the first time I saw it. Eventually sure a type r or something but either way I’m never selling my fg4. I enjoy every second I drive that car.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Aodhan ah06 18x9 +30 offset
  • Tires: Varcelli strada all season
  • Suspension: D2 lowering springs
  • Performance: Invidia q300 exhaust, Ktuned short ram intake
  • Exterior: HFP body kit, carusedesign aero flap
  • Interior: Stock.

Planned Upgrades

  • Wheels: Work emotion zr10
  • Tires: Falken arzenis
  • Suspension: Bc racing coilovers
  • Performance: Going fbo and probably supercharger
  • Exterior: Repaint the whole car
  • Interior: Hybrid racing short shifter, recato bucket seat, buddy club steering wheel


Reinaldo Nieves