2015 Infiniti Q50 AWD

Post By: Cupid Ground

Date: 02/19/2024

The Story

I bought this Q50 as a daily that I wanted to modify. I came into the car scene not knowing much about anything. I began hanging out around other local car enthusiasts which is when I started learning more about how cars work and how to modify them. I initially did a BBK upgrade which meant I needed new wheels because stocks were too small. Being a little limited on money at the time and wanting something a little better than reps, I went with Konig Oversteers which at the time I barely seen anyone have. I then snagged an amazing deal for a set of new BC Racing coilovers which is when I started to feel like I was somewhat part of the local car scene. Throughout the first year or so with the new setup I've done small things here and there such as lip, ducktail wing, diffuser, and some interior work like reupholstering the headliner in black suede material and installing starlights and wrapping few interior pieces in carbon fiber vinyl. However, over the past year or so I've managed to blow 3 dampers within a span of few months of each other. I've wanted to bag my Q for quite some time at that point, so I ended up saying screw it and bought an airlift 3p kit which I've been riding on for the past half year now and has served me rather well. I've also acquired a set of SSR Vienna Kreis and got adjustable rear camber, toe, & traction arms to fit them. Throughout this journey, I've gotten into automotive photography. If any of y'all are interested, I would love for y'all to check out my work on IG @dansmedia.arw :)

Current Setup

  • Wheels: SSR Vienna Kreis
  • Tires: Lexani LX-Twenty 225/40R19
  • Suspension: Airlift 3P
  • Performance: aFe Takeda CAI
  • Performance: Remark Axleback
  • Interior: Black Suede Headliner w/ Starlights
  • Exterior: Lip, Diffuser, & Carbon Fiber Ducktail Wing
  • Suspension: SPC Traction, Toe, & Camber Arms
  • Suspension: SPL Eccentric Lockout Bolts
  • Exterior: Jalisco's Carbonfiber JDM Taillights w/ Black Housing


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