2016 Honda Fit

Post By: Dave Schaefer

Date: 12/20/2023

The Story

I bought this little Fit as my commuter car because it’s good on gas and had enough space for what I needed it for. I put about 100 miles on this per day on my commute to work. I started with d2racing lowering springs and was planning on running air suspension but after consulting my wallet I went with Riaction coilovers. I had to pull and roll the fenders to help with fitment and it’s as low as I can possibly get it without rubbing or scraping so bad it would affect my commute to work. I have no other plans at the moment but I’m sure as time goes on things will change. I never paid any mind to the Honda Fit until owning one and now I stand by them being the best car in America for what it is.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Klutch km16
  • Suspension: Riaction coilovers
  • Tires: Toyo proxies 195/45R/15


Dave Schaefer