2016 Mazda 3 2.0L MT Hatchback AKA “My whole paycheck”

Post By: Daniel Jacoby

Date: 08/28/2023

The Story

I bought this car way back in 2016 as my first car (and my first manual car), since I've been in love with hot hatches since middle school! It has been incredibly reliable so far at ~57k miles, with the only weird problem being a smoked clutch and a bad transmission bearing at ~56k miles. Besides that little hiccup, it handles the mountains pretty well, and is generally fun to drive. But now that I have a job (ie money), I want to make my daily driver a bit more fun to drive everywhere! I want to be able to take it down the mountains, to the snow, and use it as my reliable daily. So that's exactly what I'm going to do. I'll also be documenting my builds part cost, as personally I feel like I haven't seen it documented well before.

Current Setup

  • Performance: Short Ram intake and Cold Air intake box; $350
  • Performance: Corksport Short Throw Shifter; $120
  • Interior: Interior Underseat Lights; $20
  • Exterior: LED Headlight Bulbs; $50
  • Exterior: Shark Fin Attena; $20
  • Exterior: Carbon Fiber Front and Back badges; $20
  • Wheels: White Koing Oversteer 16x7 ET40; $1000
  • Tires: Continental Somethings 205/60
  • Wheels: Corksport Rear Motor and Transmission Mouts; $400

Planned Upgrades

  • Suspension: Either Corksport or BC Racing BR Series Coilovers; $X
  • Performance: Corksport Axle Back Exhaust; $X
  • Suspension: Corksport Rear Camber and Toe Arms; $X
  • Suspension: Corksport Sway Bar; $X
  • Suspension: Corksport Front Strut Tower Bar; $X
  • Wheels: White Fifteen52 Turbomac 18x8.5 ET30; $X; Hoping to get a ET48 if they\'re still made
  • Tires: Nitto Neo Gen 235/40ZR18; $X; Or a 225/45s, leaving this till later
  • Exterior: Front bumper from AutoExe Styling Kit BM-05S; $X; Have to get it imported somehow


Daniel Jacoby

Just a car guy with a non-car guy car! Modifying my Mazda 3 from 2016 to be a bit more fun on the road