2017 Volkswagen GLI

Post By: Jorge Barrios

Date: 08/03/2023

The Story

Back in summer 2017 I decided to make a big change in my life, I got married, quit my old job in Mexico and got a new one in Detroit metro area, yes in the automotive industry. Packed my stuff, took a plane and started a new chapter in my life in the US. In order to start this new chapter I needed a car so after landing in Michigan, I started lookig for a car right away! I always have been a Volkswagen guy but I wanted to try something different, either a sports sedan or sports car, MX5, BRZ, 500 Abarth, Fiesta ST, Focus ST... I was open to try other brands as long they offer manual transmision, unfortunatelly, Since I didnt have credit history my options were limited and Volkswagen was one of the few brands willing to sell/lease a car to people with no background like me. I neede a car right away since i had a herts just for one week and the only car available was this dark gray jetta GLI with manual transmision, I was not a big fan of that color but I had no other options and took it. I like taking my cars to the track but the GLI wasnt the best to be honest, so, I decided to make it fast and fun on the track while keeping it reliable for daily drives. All modifications have been made at home and MUST be performed in less than 24 hrs so I can go to work the next day. After almost 6 years , many mods and hours of seat time, I went from being the slowest car on the track to pass faster/more powerfull cars. It is more fun driving a slow car fast than driving a fast car slow! Today the car is almost done for what I want it to be, a reliable, comfortable daily drive that is fast and fun as fuck on the track, just need to touch the exhaust and add a tune and the car will be an absolute blast!

Current Setup

  • Suspension: BC racing BR coilovers
  • Suspension: 26 mm diam front sway bar
  • Performance: Brembo GT BM4 front brakes, Motul brake fluid, steel lines, slotted rottors
  • Wheels: two sets of wheels, semi slicks with OEM wheels for the track and black Fifteen52 podium with all season tires for the street
  • Performance: Newspeed power module, ECS Cold air intake, CTS turbo muffler delete, CTS blow off valve, DKM stage 1 clutch
  • Exterior: Headlamp/fog lamps LED bulbs, VLAND head lamps, ECS front splitter, carbon fiber rear spoiler

Jorge Barrios