2018 Honda Civic Si Coupe “Fc3”

Post By: Ben Svacina

Date: 10/30/2023

The Story

Well, I started working at Honda back in 2016, right when the 10th Gen Civics dropped. Well, I got to drive all of them, type R and Si. While driving both, I kind of felt more connected with the coupe. At the time I was working at Honda, I was only 17. So truly, a type R or Si was out of the picture for awhile. I also went to college, so I had to leave Honda. Fast forward to 2019, and I tried to get into a Si. Because I had no credit history, I was denied So I worked and worked, and in 2021, I finally did it. I got myself into a Civic Si with only 18k miles. Now I am beginning the process of truly learning the manual, as I knew how to get them moving. I never passed 2nd, as most of the time I was in the parking lot of a dealership. To this day, I've only stalled seven times, and I'm at 52k with the factory clutch. I did take it easy for the first year; I owned it as I was just learning. once that year mark was up. Mod City, where I went, started with a Ktuner TSP Stage 1, custom dp/fp to a 3" custom exhaust, then 27won intake w/race maf, toque solution rmm, Acuity Short Shifter, an Aodhan Ds02 18x9.5 +30 pair with a Nitto Motivo UHP All Season, a 10% tint excluding windshield, Chrome delete, and Carbonsixelements carbon emblems. After only having this car for 2 years now, I can say I'm still in love with it every time I drive it. I would love a type R, only because of the motor and full racecar. I can wait to see more of the plans for my FC3. Sneak peak: I'm going custom BT soon.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Aodhan DS02 18x9.5 +30
  • Tires: Nitto Motivo UHP All Season
  • Performance: Ktuner V2 W/TSP Stage 1 Plus Race
  • Suspension: Torque Solution 74a Rmm
  • Performance: 27Won Intake /W Race Maf
  • Performance: Acuity Short Shifter
  • Exterior: CarbonSixElements Honda Emblem
  • Performance: Mishimoto Catch Can