2018 Subaru WRX

Post By: Chadd Sammarco

Date: 01/26/2024

The Story

2022 I got my wrx first week I got the modding itch and started with add-w1 catch cans access port axel back and a grimmspeed intake I was on the COBB OTS stage 1+ tune …. It was ok for a few months 4 months later I found a few upgrades I could put on myself so I went ahead and got a grimmspeed tmic and a grimmspeed charge pipe grimmspeed electronic boost controller grimmspeed turbo inlet with a nameless bpv got an etune by Ambot tuned it was a different feel but didn’t really ping the butt Dyno …. Issues was the nameless bpv leaks and messes with the afr I would stay away from nameless if you want a bpv go to Cobb LF … about a month ago I upgraded the oem clutch to a ACT HD STREET , now I’m at the point of putting ETS gesi j pipe Cobb bpv when going to a j pipe you need a turbo sump adapter about $20-$40 easy mod and gets rid of the smoke out the exhaust , I’m going with a protune by all aspects Motorsports’s they are the #1 subi tuner in my area … in spring the next big mod will be water meth direct port injection projecting around 330-350 whp

Current Setup

  • Performance: ACT HD CLUTCH, ETS J PIPE, GS charge pipe tmic inlet intake ebcs , nameless bpv

Planned Upgrades

  • Performance: Snow performance stage 2+ water meth injection


Chadd Sammarco

2018 wrx