2019 Chrysler 300s

Post By: Logan Lutz

Date: 12/14/2023

The Story

I bought this car in 2020 with the same intention most people have when getting a new car, a nice, quiet, reliable, daily driver. The Chrysler 300 had been my dream car ever since playing GTA IV as a teen and seeing the Mob in the game rolling around in the big oversized luxury cars. After a few months of browsing for a new daily on and off In 2020 I found a 300s being sold by Hertz rental car. The car was listed way under market value, almost 2/3s under; I soon learned this was due to Hertz bankruptcy forcing them to sell a ton of cars. So thanks to the 2020 pandemic bankrupting Hertz I was finally able to get a great deal on one of my childhood dream cars. It was perfect but like with most of us car guys we can’t handle having a car that looks and drives like any old rental car, it has to represent who we are as drivers. So after 6 months of owning it I decided I needed to make this car my own. I always loved car shows and canyon driving (in Minnesota we call it river road driving) so I wanted to build something pretty that can handle well. So I set out on my journey to build a handling focused Chrysler 300s. Most scoff at the idea that a Mopar car can handle well but nothing makes me happier than the look on peoples faces when I can keep up with Audis and BMWs (the four door ones granted,) enter corners with wicked speed, and how planted the car is when shifting from a right to left hander. I’ve done every modification to the car myself and it has made me realize just how passionate I am about cars and how happy it makes me to see that people are passionate about there builds to.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Square setup Niche Altair 20x9
  • Tires: Falken Azenis 255/40ZR20
  • Suspension: Bc racing coil overs
  • Suspension: Whiteline anti roll bars (front and rear)
  • Performance: TRQ slotted and ported rotors and street break pads
  • Performance: OEM+ Mopar cold air intake
  • Performance: Custom exhaust
  • Exterior: Self custom fitted fender flares to fit wider tires
  • Exterior: Self fabricated brackets for offset license plate and hidden fog/running lights offset behind fog light mesh covers
  • Exterior: OEM+ S appearance front bumper
  • Exterior: IKon Motorsports aero kit all around (splitter, side skirts, duckbill spoiler)
  • Exterior: Amerihood SRT style carbon fiber Hood
  • Exterior: De-badged front and rear
  • Exterior: Window tint
  • Interior: Custom fabricated bracket to hold Cobra radar detector
  • Interior: Wire management for radar detector and dash cam to keep interior as clean as possible

Planned Upgrades

  • Performance: Unlocked PCM for tuning


Logan Lutz

Lover of all things cars, mostly shows and scenic cruises. Sheetmetal fabricator, YouTube mechanic, and Minnesota nice.