2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback

Post By: Alex Ailleric

Date: 12/16/2023

The Story

This was my first newer build, coming from a 1988 Toyota Corolla coupe. My father had raised me in a house of AE86s, NSX, RX7s and a bunch of other JDMs that I knew what I built needed to live up to all he had shown me growing up. This is what led me to make my E210 the way it is now. I call this project "GR Spec". I had been following the idea of a GR corolla for the longest time before it was even close to the public so I decided to make what I thought it may have looked like. So far we've been to a few shows in 2023 and plan to be in more 2024

Current Setup

  • Wheels: 2023 GR86 Premium wheels
  • Tires: Toyo Extensa HPII
  • Suspension: RSR Super Downs, 1 inch spacers all around
  • Exterior: 20% ceramic tint all around, custom front grill, TB Performance bash bar, Tom\'s style diffuser, Tom\'s style mid wing, custom window visors, cusco fender flares, downforce solutions gurney flap, downforce solutions window vents, downforce solutions sideskirt extensions, downforce solutions front splitter, ikon Motorsports front lip, trd style side skirts, trd style canards, trd wing, vr style carbon hood (craftcperformance), door side molding (toyota), carbon mirrors (Kocf), carbon door handles (kocf), Reflector block outs, Hella horns, Eyelids (craft C performance)
  • Interior: Paddle shifter extensions (kocf), Cf power button (kocf), air setup display w/starlight
  • Performance: catback remark quad exhaust, injen throttle controller, aem cold air intake

Planned Upgrades

  • Suspension: Airtekk Stage 2+ w/ Custom Trunk Setup


Alex Ailleric

Reason I went with the name error Builds is because I want to make builds that no on the really thinks of doing, like who would mod a corolla?