2020 Honda Civic Type R

Post By: Christopher Derteano

Date: 10/30/2023

The Story

Bought the vehicle with 7k miles for 50k 😱. Yes bought it during peak covid lol. It was either this or a performance 3. Before the car was delivered had the PRL intake with street MAF, mud guards, and acuity short shifter. Initially the vehicle was just going to be my daily but of course and we all know, that didn’t happen and things slightly got out of hand.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Kansei 18x9.5 wheels
  • Suspension: Eibach pro s springs
  • Exterior: Battle aero 5 inch front splitter
  • Exterior: Apr carbon fiber canards
  • Exterior: Seibon front lip
  • Performance: Prl intake with mega maf housing
  • Performance: Prl inlet with prl catted downpipe
  • Performance: Rv6 front pipe coated black (better heat soak)
  • Performance: Mhi stage 2 turbo with prl flex fuel kit and John pierro fuel gauge with E85 fuel lines from the Intank fuel pump to the hpfp
  • Performance: Ported fuel line, xdi hpfp, Fk8td gen 3.5 injectors.
  • Performance: Hondata, tuned by John pierro.
  • Suspension: Cusco front mid and rear braces, rv6 rear sway bar with spherical endlinks
  • Suspension: Eibach front end links.
  • Suspension: 27won strut bar, 27won rear motor mount (72a)
  • Wheels:


Christopher Derteano