2020 Subaru BRZ

Post By: Ian Carpio

Date: 05/10/2023

The Story

I am this cars second owner, where I saved it from a miserable life with a bunch of stick on badges and pinstripes. It's my first car, that was also my first bucket list dream car that I'd rather die then ever have to part with. As long as the car remains drivable, I refuse to ever sell or trade it. Originally I wanted to make it a slammed, widebody, show-car or a drift car, but as I've grown up and mellowed out a bit, my tastes have changed, and now I want the car to be more track focused, but still be a street-able car. I was lucky to find it at a really good deal one month pre-covid, still practically brand new. Every couple of months I take it to local autocross and track days, but most days it just takes me on my short 10-20 mile commute to work or school. I'm a very methodical person, so, so far the car has 3 "planned" stages: Stage 1 -- A subtle, OEM+, "weekend warrior" stage that maintains my warranty since it's my daily driver, and currently don't see a need to do things that will void it. Primarily cosmetic and suspension work. Stage 1.5 -- When I finally start to grow bored of the cars performance, feel like I'm outdriving the car, want to improve some of its minor flaws, add features I think it should have had from factory, and do long term reliability mods. Stage 2 -- The current long term vision. Once I have a stable source of non part time worker income, and can justify making the car more of an inconvenience to drive. Simply put, once I have another car. *** Note: At the time of posting this thread, I've almost "completed" my "stage 1" setup, but don't have most of the mods installed as I'm focusing my time on school. There's currently a large stack of boxes filling the corner of my bedroom, taunting me until summer vacation, where I also plan to document as many of the mods as I can on video. Since I haven't bought everything yet, I included my owned but stashed mods in the "Current Setup" section, and the remaining stage 1 mods will be in "Planned Upgrades", along with whatever else I can fit for now (hit the max limit of 30 rows of modifications).***

Current Setup

  • Wheels: 17×9 +35 Brushed Aluminum Apex EC-7R (coated in AvalonKing Armor Shield IX)
  • Suspension: Racecomp Engineering Superstreet-1 Coilovers
  • Suspension: SPC adjustable rear lower control arms
  • Suspension: SPC adjustable toe arms
  • Suspension: SPC front camber bolts
  • Exterior: Drambeenie Spoiler Risers
  • Exterior: Bayson R MPX Style front Lip
  • Exterior: Valenti Jewel 4th Brake Light
  • Exterior: Grimmspeed Front License Plate Relocation Kit
  • Exterior: HIC Roof Spoiler
  • Exterior: JDM Toyota Rain Guards
  • Exterior: JDM Toyota clear side marker lights (paired with OLM Amber LED side marker lights)
  • Exterior: TRD Aero Fins
  • Exterior: Leggdura Project Kics 2 piece lug nuts
  • Interior: Import Bible Ressha Melody Box (hardwired under dashboard)
  • Interior: OLM LED Interior, trunk, and door lights
  • Interior: Raceseng Stratose weighted shift knob
  • Interior: Raceseng R Lock reverse lockout
  • Interior: STI engine oil cap, radiator cap, and V-brace
  • Exterior: Exhaust tips from JDM/AUS market 86; Later upgrade with Fujitsubo Authorize R catback

Planned Upgrades

  • Exterior: Paint match Aero Fins, front bumper , and front lip (lots of rock damage)
  • Exterior: PPF front end
  • Interior: BRZ TS/STI Satin Black Interior Trim swap
  • Interior: BRZ TS red seat belts, and red push to start button
  • Interior: Real Japan D shaped steering wheel (custom reupholstered by Swedit)
  • Interior: Recaro Sportster Seats w/ retained seat heating
  • Performance: BRZ (ZD8) oil temperature regulator
  • Performance: Swap out the awful, thin, OEM transmission oil for Redline MT-90, and Differential oil for Motul Gear 300
  • Performance: Porterfield R4S Brake Pads
  • Performance: DBA 4000 Brake Rotors; front and rear