2020 Toyota GT86


Date: 04/17/2023

The Story

Drove a 2013 Toyota Camry since I got my license. Have always wanted an FRS/86/BRZ since I got behind the wheel. Love the culture surrounding this chassis. Always admired how aggressive the car looks from factory. Spent a lot of time researching FT86Club Forums and r/FT86 threads before deciding to dive in. Flew into Austin, TX late Nov 2022, bought this car stock (3rd Owner @ 20K on the ODO), drove it back to FL. GT Trim - Automatic from factory, First owner drove it stock, second owner made a few minor interior modifications (which they removed before selling and replaced with OEM) + added tints. Right out the dealership cruising down Texas highways in this beauty was a dream come true. Never felt any driving experience like this ever before. Pure Driving Happiness. I plan on doing most modifications myself, and regularly taking it in for maintenance at a trusted local motorsports/performance auto shop. I've always been heavily inspired by a more JDM street / stanced look. This car is my daily driver so I want it to be comfortable to ride while also being aesthetically pleasing to look at while it's cruising down the road. Most of the modifications I've done since buying this car have been purely aesthetic and mostly interior. I plan on getting some type of narrow body kit to modify the exterior look to be more aggressive. Ideally, I'd want an OEM+ feel to my build. Love the widebody kits that I've seen for this car, but don't think I'll be doing that to this car till much later in its lifetime. I want to enjoy the experience of driving it close to stock for a while and really learning how to "Drive" before I do more performance mods (any recommendations on which performance mods to get first?). The only major modifications I've done as of now is the exhaust swap and head unit swap on the interior. I love driving slow in this thing. It's always been more fun to cruise around and look good vs drag racing randos or lane-splitting through traffic. Going for a more showy feel, but hoping to take it to the track someday and learn how to drift. Since owning the 86, I've also been going out to a lot more car-related events and community meet-ups*. Would love to meet more people in the community! *Most of the pictures I have of this car are from meetups, definitely plan to take more HD photos of this car as the build evolves.

Current Setup

  • Performance: Invidia Q300 Cat-back Exhaust w/ Titanium Burnt Tips
  • Exterior: OLM Slimline (Low Profile) Rain Guards
  • Exterior: Toyota OEM Mud Guards
  • Exterior: TRD Aero Stabilizing Cover
  • Exterior: VSQ Valenti Style Sequential LED Taillights - Smoke Lens
  • Exterior: Valenti 4th Break Light / Reverse Light
  • Exterior: TRD Fuel Cap Garnish
  • Exterior: Intec High Mount Break Light
  • Exterior: TRD Door Handle Protector
  • Exterior: OLM Wide Mirrors - Heated w/ Blue Polarized Finish
  • Interior: Toyota OEM Center Armrest - (Sliding Track System, not the flip-up one)
  • Interior: Kenwood Excelon Reference DMX1057XR - Headunit Swap
  • Interior: Illumaesthetic Gauge Face - Cherry Blossom
  • Interior: Samurai Shift Knob
  • Interior: OLM LED Interior Dome Light
  • Interior: OPT7 Aura PRO - Interior Car Light Kit
  • Interior: DASAI - Ultimate Small Passenger Chime Box / Mochi V1 / No Smoking Gekko
  • Interior: Zumiez - Know Bad Daze Smoke Air Freshener
  • Interior: TRD Door Sills
  • Interior: Axis Parts Door Kick Guards
  • Interior: GCS Door Striker Cover
  • Interior: Toyota JDM Black and Red Upper Door Sill Scuff Guard Trim
  • Interior: Tuned in Tokyo - Legendary Dragon Mat
  • Interior: 3D Maxpider Heavy Duty All Weather Floor Mats
  • Interior: JDM Station - TRD Style - Seat Heater Cover
  • Exterior: VLAND Headlights

Planned Upgrades

  • Wheels: Wheels ?
  • Tires: Tires ?
  • Suspension: Suspensions ? (Aircups? *wink wink*)
  • Exterior: Street-Styled Body Kit Parts (will be mixing and matching different kits) - Thinking TRD V2 / Modellista / Kuhl Racing Type Vibes