2020 Toyota Tacoma 2.7l 4×4

Post By: Porter Radmand

Date: 06/07/2023

The Story

This is my beloved 2020 4 banger Tacoma! Is it one the slowest vehicles on the road…. Maybe. Will it crawl up anything? Absolutely. I got this truck brand new and as of writing this, it’s been my daily since new as well. This truck is dented, bashed, and crusty, but it runs good as ever. We’ve seen the Rubicon, Cliffhanger+most of Moab, Fordyce trail and much more. This isn’t the most impressive build by any means but it gets done what it’s been designed to do very well.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Basic rock rash methods
  • Tires: Front: 35/12.5r17 Rear: 315/75r17
  • Suspension: Total chaos upper control arms, Icon 3inch lift including front coilovers, rear shocks, and rear lift blocks
  • Performance: $30 Amazon muffler (tractor mode enabled)
  • Exterior: Custom prerunner style rear bumper (welded to frame). Bolt on rock sliders. Full skid plates.
  • Performance: 5.29 differential gears front/rear as well as ARB air lockers front/rear


Porter Radmand