2021 Jeep Trackhawk

Post By: Hunter Klugh

Date: 01/26/2024

The Story

This vas the culmination of combining two vehicles into 1. I previously had an s550 gt500 and an f150 raptor, and decided I could get a vehicle that could tow the jetskis AND go fast. I had yet to play with the gen 3 hemi platform coming from Subaru to VW to Ford, and it rapidly took shape as one of my favorite platforms. A basic bolt on setup ran low-mid 10s in the 1/4 mile. A bigger supercharger went 9s on the stock engine, transmission and fuel pumps. Then we leaned on it too hard at FL2K and decided to full send. Stroker motor, heads, cam, built transmission and plenty of fuel should take this 5700lb soccer mom suv deep into the 9s with the full interior and 18 HK speakers bumping.

Current Setup

  • Performance: Dusterhoff Racing “modified” Drag Spec 426 Stroker
  • Performance: Whipple Gen 5 3.0 Supercharger
  • Performance: Sipple Max Effort Transmission/T-Case
  • Performance: Fore Innovations Triple Fuel Pump
  • Performance: ARH 2” Longtubes
  • Performance: GTHaus Active Exhaust
  • Suspension: Eibach Special Edition Springs
  • Suspension: Bwoody Adjustable Suspension/Brace Kit
  • Wheels: Velgen VF5 20x10.5 +34
  • Tires: Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06+ 315/35R20 XL