2021 Pandem MX-5 RF

Post By: Tom Spillers

Date: 02/12/2024

The Story

I grew up during the beginning of the Fast and Furious series and ever since have loved JDM and always wanted to get into the car scene but never had the car or money for it. Previously owned a riced out ‘97 Accord and then an ‘07 Mazda 3 but recently picked up my Miata with an image in my head of the look I wanted to achieve and minus a few little things I have just about achieved it.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: ESR ES1-T 17x10 front 17x11 rear
  • Tires: Toyo Proxes R888Rs
  • Suspension: BC Racing coilovers
  • Performance: Goodwin Racing headers, Remark catback, Takeda CAI, Fab9 tune
  • Exterior: Pandem widebody (overfenders only)
  • Interior: Braum Elite-X seats, corksport steering wheel