2022 Audi RS6 Daily Driver

Post By: Scott Suleiman

Date: 07/17/2023

The Story

I was never really a wagon fan. Until I first saw a C8 RS6 in person. After spending a good 20 minutes just looking at the car, I felt like I needed it (similar trope to other car enthusiasts). Having had the last couple of cars run double duty as a compromised track car (because it also had to be a daily driver), I was tired of running around in a car with stiff suspension and not a lot of space to do the things I wanted to do (like go snowboarding, road trips, or even some of the outdoors stuff). So, I wanted something more practical. Like a "dad rod" without actually being a "dad". :p And I wanted it to be a highway missile that will just swallow up the miles with the right mix of performance and comfort. All sounds like the perfect reason to get a twin turbo V8 air suspension equipped performance wagon. Since it is a "Audi Sport" (formerly known as "quattro gmbh") "RS" product, it has amazing steering (as good if not better than my C7 Z06 that I had prior), great mechanical grip, and pulls hard when you need it to with all of the right turbo V8 sounds. It'll auto steer for me on the highway trips through all of the cameras and sensors that it has and maintain distance with the car ahead automatically (to even bumper to bumper traffic), but unleash all of the torque when you want it to. It cruises comfortably (with its air suspension) and in relative quietness (with its acoustic double paned glass) so that you can crank up the cutting edge Bang & Olufsen "3D Advanced Sound System". To help it stay shiny, it has Xpel PPF on the full front and rockers, is fully coated in the Ceramic Pro "Gold" coating, and for privacy, fully tinted with Prestige Spectra Photosync IRD film.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: BC Forged RZ 10 - 22x10.5" ET7 in Brushed Bronze
  • Suspension: 034 Motorsports Lowering Links
  • Performance: 034 Motorsports Resonator Delete
  • Performance: APR Cold Air Intake

Planned Upgrades

  • Performance: CSF Side Mount Intercoolers


Scott Suleiman