2022 Honda E Advanced

Post By: Ican Ræder

Date: 11/13/2023

The Story

Got this car as a daily when I had a S3 8L and a Touareg VR6 to save money while building my second S3. Got the car brand new and took about 2 weeks from delivery to modding the car. There is no parts available for this car, so I had to "make" everything my self and make it fit. The car is super fun to drive being RWD and 50/50 weight distribution. I go on s lot of spirited driving and enjoy it alot! Going to take it to the track soon!

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Enkei RPF1 17x7.5 with colormatched centercaps to the calipers.
  • Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport 4
  • Suspension: Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs 25mm
  • Exterior: EZ Lip front splitter and sideskirts.
  • Exterior: Rear diffuser made with a combination of EZ Lip and a random ebay diffuser.
  • Exterior: Have wrapped the taillights og the trunk portion between red and added a Honda text logo on the red wrap to replicate the Civic CRX look. (No photos yet)
  • Exterior: Painted front and rear calipers in metalic copper to match the brown seatbelts and wooden dash details.

Planned Upgrades

  • Interior: Going to make custom real carbonfiber dash and centerconsole trim
  • Exterior: Wrap the front "grill" matte black to make some contrast to the black.