2022 Subaru WRX

Post By: Grecg Henriquez

Date: 08/15/2023

The Story

In the summer of 2022 my girlfriend and I decided to pack our bags and move from South Florida all the way to Utah. At the time I had a 2016 328i that I loved dearly. Unfortunately, it was nearing 100k miles and I wasn’t too comfortable driving a RWD car in the snow. I wanted something AWD that was sporty, good looking and was versatile enough to give me a peace of mind while driving through any weather conditions. Those categories narrowed down my search to one vehicle… the VB WRX. While so many people hated on the car, I loved it. I was finally back in a 6 speed manual car. It’s not a BMW, but the fact that it was JDM was great. The modding capabilities were endless! With this built I decided that I wasn’t going to cheap out and I was going to do it proper. I’m going for a daily build that I can occasionally take to the track. I want it to look great, while being functional at the same time. I hope you guys like the progress of this build as time goes by. Hopefully, I can change some minds of people who dislike the VB WRX 😅. Update 4/1/24 This spring I finally got the wheels mounted. I also installed the Factionfab steering wheel, which makes such a difference visually and feel wise. I plan on adding a few more minor exterior upgrades soon. Big brake kit after that and then mo powaaa baby!

Current Setup

  • Tires: 255/40 Michelin All season tires
  • Suspension: Fortune auto 500 Coilovers
  • Exterior: Carbon fiber front lip (Rally Sport Direct)
  • Exterior: Window tint (30% front, 20% all around)
  • Interior: Billetworkz shift knob with Perrin super shift stop
  • Wheels: Enkei Nt03 18x9.5 +40
  • Interior: Factionfab carbon fiber steering wheel
  • Performance: Factory STI performance mufflers


Grecg Henriquez