2023 Toyota GR86 Premium “Akame”

Post By: Tyler Villaroman

Date: 05/05/2023

The Story

This car never was supposed to be a GR86. I had my eyes on a car that would go stututu and pssst. I kept looking at Genesis Coupe's, Audi S4's, and some BMW's. As a kid, I grew up with a dad that was in love with Mazda Miata's. My first car that I was "given" was a 1994 Mazda Miata with lovely pop-up headlights. Man did I love that thing. Coming from California it was the best back-road and cruise to the beach kind of car. After the Miata I bought my first car Cash which was an already modified Mazda3 iTouring. I needed a daily that was able to fit people in the back, have good MPG, and didn't look like an average sedan. I loved the Mazda3, but it had already been modified and it turned me away from modifying it more since it already had the works such as exhaust, sway bars, BBS wheels and tires, and BC Racing coil-overs. It made me feel like I needed to do modifications myself and I wanted to do it on a stock car. Since then circumstances have changed, and I traveled cross-country to be with my girlfriend in Georgia. Yes the pollen sucks, and the weather most of the time sucks, but I love the roads here and the nature aspect. I had my eyes set on a BRZ, but when I saw the differences I wanted the 86. It wasn't anything major, but I loved the look of the front bumper and stock wheels way more. I started calling everywhere around me to find a place to sell at MSRP since new car prices were insane. I kept an excel sheet of which places had accessories added and markup and cancelled those from the list. I stumbled upon a place located 50 minutes away from me and they said they sell at MSRP, but it is based on Allocation. I told them I was looking for a Raven GR86 Premium MT. They texted me saying I can put the deposit down and expect a 6 month wait. I was okay with that, but I didn't put the deposit down. The very next day, the salesman calls me telling me that he told his boss I put a deposit down and the EXACT make, model, and trim was arriving in two-weeks and if I wanted it, to jump on it. So I did. I thought it was just meant to be. I sold my Mazda3 to an older gentleman wanting to gift it to his son for his graduation present which was real nice. I sold it for the same price I paid for it back in 2020. Sorry for this story being so long, I just kept typing and it just vomited out. So here we are today with my GR86. Modified slightly as well as added Tint and Ceramic Coating. The future is bright with this car because I know there will be so much after-market. I can't wait to modify it more and add all the good. This is not quite a "Build" but this is a thread in which I wanted to share since I enjoy. I'm going to keep this car for as long as I live and doesn't get wrecked. If this motor gives out, I will be replacing it and possibly swapping, but that's for future me to worry about. Hope this wasn't too long and you enjoyed reading. Happy to be apart of this car community and I hope you can welcome me. Thanks!

Current Setup

  • Exterior: CSU + EXO Ceramic Coat + i3 Ceramic Tint
  • Interior: Kagu All-Weather Custom Fit Floor Liner
  • Exterior: Smoke Vinyl for 4th Brake Light, Turn Signals, Front and Rear Side-Markers
  • Exterior: 4th Brake Light Install
  • Performance: Carbon Filter Delete
  • Performance: AWE Touring Catback Black Diamond Tips
  • Suspension: HKS Hipermax S Coilovers
  • Suspension: Cusco Rear Lateral Control Arms

Planned Upgrades

  • Performance: JDL FT86 Catted UEL Header
  • Performance: JDL FT86 3\" Over / Front Pipe Combo
  • Wheels: Gram Lights 57CR Gloss Black 18x9.5 38
  • Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S 255/35ZR18


Tyler Villaroman

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