2JZGTE S14 Track Build

Post By: Alejandro Saldivar

Date: 01/23/2024

The Story

Hey!!! My name is Alejandro Saldivar and I’m building a lil drift build all started when I bought my dream engine,”2jzgte” kinda made it impossible to get one in high school when I saw the price skyrocket from 3k all the way to 6k so I invested 1k into doge coin right before it skyrocket, and thankfully made enough to buy it. I was going to 2j swap a mk2 Supra that I was building at the time with a rearsubframe swap from a s14 until I kinda lost interest on it so I bought a s14 shell from face book. my plan is to make this shell go sort skrt skrt Stu Stu Stu pow pow pow peace.

Current Setup

  • Performance: Single big turbo,KW varient 3 coil overs,sikky swaybar,r154 built from driftmotion


Alejandro Saldivar