Post By: Justin Christian

Date: 04/18/2023

The Story

Every car I’ve had in my life has been a car I absolutely loved to drive and at least attempted to increase the performance of…. Until I had kids. Now that my kids have grown up more I was finally able to ditch the dad mobile and get myself a fun ride again.

Current Setup

  • Suspension: Swift lowering springs, gk tech rear camber arms, stillen front and rear sway bars
  • Performance: ISR high flow cats, ISR dual cat back exhaust, GK tech long tube air intakes, z1 mid weight flywheel, z1 clutch, z1 concentric slave cylinder elimination kit, gk tech diff brace, morimoto oil cooler, ecutek with tune from Taylor’d tuning
  • Exterior: Honestly don’t remember who made the exterior body parts but I was going for subtle changes. I did all the body work and paint myself. Morimoto rear tail lights, and I used the morimoto headlight lenses when I customized my headlights.
  • Wheels: Currently running the OEM rims as I really like the way they look and haven’t found anything that really makes me want to spend a ton of money yet
  • Interior: There are several models of “Tesla” screens available to purchase from the workshop 12 kit to some Chinese full systems. All of them using android operating systems. I know there’s a lot more that can be modified on an android system but I’ve been using iOS mobile systems since they first came out. As a collaboration with my son we designed a one of trim to accommodate an iPad. It came out exceptionally well.

Planned Upgrades

  • Performance: In the future I plan on getting a ported plenum and intake manifold, ISR shorty headers and a LSD. I’ve currently got everything I need to go e85 flex fuel just need the time and money for a new tune. I’m considering a 75-100 shot nitrous kit down the line


Justin Christian