500 hp BMW 535xi wagon

Post By: Mark Sorial

Date: 02/16/2024

The Story

I've always wanted a high horsepower, practical daily driver hatchback or wagon. I loved the e60 BMW M5 v10 wagon but those are very hard to come by and also it's more fun to build a car. A small number of e60 5 series wagons also came with the infamous N54 twin turbo engine so I eventually found one in good condition. After about ~12-15k in maintenance, I started the build process over the years and currently very happy with the car. I drive it everyday, use it to haul stuff, go on road trips, etc, and it's relatively problem-free with all the maintenance done before hand. Future eventual build plans include will be even bigger twin turbos (RB high flow game finishers), built engine, methanol injection, and manual transmission swap... One day!

Current Setup

  • Wheels: BMW OEM style 214 (X5/X6) for winter set, vossen cv3-r for summer set
  • Suspension: Silvers coilovers, dinan 21 mm adjustable rear sway bar
  • Performance: Dual cone intake, 7.5 inch high density intercooler,downpipes, free flowing muffler, Pure600 turbos, walbro 535 bucketed fuel pump, upgraded EKPM3 fueling module with active cooling, external PCV with dual catch cans, custom engine tune, transmission tune
  • Exterior: Custom front bumper and splitter, LED fog light bars, BMW roof rack, rear toe hitch, reversing camera
  • Interior: Upgraded head unit with android auto/carplay and live ECU data logging capabilities
  • Wheels: