99 Civic SI Turbo

Post By: Jackson Thraves

Date: 09/07/2023

The Story

This is my 99 Civic Si. This car is meant to be a fun quick street car. It's my daily driver for most of spring, summer, and fall. I previously had a turbo EG hatch and met the previous owner of this car when buying a set of Integra seats to put in the EG. I told him if he ever wanted to sell it to let me know, low and behold a few months later I saw it on marketplace and kept an eye on it. He slowly dropped the price to a number I was comfortable with and I arranged to meet and drive the car. It blew me away, making double the power my turbo'd EG hatch did. The previous owner invested 22k building the car and only drove it 2000kms since being built. I was very happy to pick up the car for 11k in September of 2022. It did need a new turbo as the seals were shot, so that was the first thing I replaced and had the car street tuned to around 400whp (20psi on a gt3582). Winter came and I parked the car and started disassembling it for paint. The paint wasn't great and the car had 23 years worth of dings and dents. I set to work cleaning the car up fixing all the bruises. Thankfully it had no rust so it wasn't too much work. I slowly chipped away at the car over a few months on weekends and had it all ready for paint. The car was originally black and I didn't want to do all of the jambs/inners. I just wanted a quick refresh on the exterior. I went with a Mercedes Emerald green. It's a great colour that is pretty much black until the sun hits it and it lights up with green and blue pearls. The car was painted by April and back on the road. I added a type R replica rear lip, the plan was going to add a front lip too but I bought the wrong one(oops) and it had fitment issues. Eventually it will get a 96-98 lip in the but I think the car looks fine without it for now. I have been driving the car all summer having a blast. I took it to the drag strip for the first time, my first run I managed a 12.8 at 121mph (turns out I suck at drag racing 😂), but I was happy for my first time ever on the strip. Once I tried to push it harder I found the cars weak link, snapped 2 axles pretty quick. I replaced it with stock axles for now but plan to upgrade to some insaneshafts soon and will take it back to the strip. It also needs some adjustable control arms to correct my alignment. For now I'm going to enjoy the car as is until October and once winter settles in I will be doing some upgrades while it sits. Hopefully will be doing suspension upgrades, and turning it up a little bit to 25psi. Engine : B18c1 block and head Carrillo 81.5mm 9.8:1 pistons Scat H beam Rods ACL race bearings Blox racing block guard Arp head studs Injector dynamics 1050x Injectors Golden Eagle fuel rail Skunk 2 70mm throttle body Edelbrock JG Victor X intake Manifold Lovefab turbo manifold Performance World GT35 .70 a/r Turbo Precision 44mm wastegate Tial BOV Blox racing fuel pressure regulator Godspeed intercooler Transmission : S80 trans GSR 1-4 gears LS 5th gear Quaife LSD Yonaka 6 puck clutch Body/Suspension: Skunk 2 Pro-S2 Coilovers Falken Azenis RT660 tires EL Front end swap Autometer Water Temp and Oil Pressure Gauges Prosport EVO Boost Gauge AEM Wideband O2 Follow along with the build on IG or TikTok @B00sted_JT (O's are zeros)

Current Setup

  • Performance: Built B18C1 Engine (Turbo'd) - GSR Trans W/ LSD
  • Suspension: Skunk 2 Pro S2 Coilovers
  • Tires: Falken RT660
  • Wheels: FRD 16" Wheels
  • Wheels:


Jackson Thraves

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