Ecotec Fiero GT Project

Post By: Alex S

Date: 12/20/2023

The Story

After building my Cobalt SS Turbo, I wanted a bigger challenge, so I wanted to engine swap something. I knew it'd take a while, but I was okay with this if it meant gaining lots of experience. So after a lot of research, I purchased a running Fiero GT with some issues, with the intent on putting an Ecotec motor into it. Admittedly, I was in WAY over my head. I hadn't even dropped a motor yet, and here I was about to get arm-deep into a massive project. I'm not proud to admit this, but the car sat for way too long. Long enough to have issues; I bought it in December 2021, and took the motor out in June 2023. I didn't have the experience back then, but I was determined. I pulled the motor from a Saturn Vue parts car, and then, the Fiero's. Currently, it's on blocks with a Saab engine being serviced in the garage. I've learned to not be in a rush with it, so progress is slow but steady. It doesn't help that my Cobalt's had some electrical issues that have made it hard to commute, so that takes away some of the focus, but it's still something I'm very passionate about. To be frank, it makes me guilty and sad to see it in this state, but I have nearly all of the pieces. Now it's time to put it together. Here's the build sheet: Engine: 2.0L B207L from a Saab 9-3, 136k miles Transmission: Getrag F23 from a Saturn Vue, 152k miles ECU: GM P12 from a Cobalt SS/Ion Redline And here's some details: 1. The engine bay is big enough to accommodate an LS motor, so no space-making is required for an NA/Supercharged setup. Aside from the decklid, which needs struts to clear the blower pulley. 2. The drivetrain will be mounted to the modified subframe with mount adapters. 3. The stock Fiero axles slide right into the F23 transmission from the Vue. No modification required, and the transmission has a half-shaft. 4. The manual transmission only needs a clutch line adapter and DF Goblin shifter cables to work with the stock manual transmission system. 5. The engine harness will be self-contained, so very little splicing will be required. 6. The car will be N/A until I make a custom W2A intercooler system, then I will use the M62 blower from a Cobalt SS with it. 7. The P12 ECU works fine if you swap the cams and use all LSJ sensors.

Current Setup

Planned Upgrades

  • Performance: Custom Cold Air Intake/Dual Exit Exhaust
  • Performance: LSJ Cams
  • Performance: 2.4L LE5 "Big Runner" Intake Manifold
  • Performance: LSJ Supercharger Kit with W2A Intercooler System, Upgraded Pump & Option B Kit
  • Suspension: Rear Coilovers
  • Suspension: Front Lowered Ball Joints
  • Suspension: Rear Camber Plates
  • Performance: Full Manual Swap
  • Performance: GMPP Clutch


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