Eunos Cosmo

Post By: Goober Goalie

Date: 08/09/2023

The Story

I bought this car basically as it sits, so this isn't so much of a build thread, as it is a guideline for, what I personally believe, is one of the best ways to turn a luxury yacht into an enthusiast car. I will go into more detail about the chase for this car in a future blog post, but the short version is: Once I realized the JC Cosmo was eligible for importation, I began to dive in and do a ton of research on the platform. As a long-time rotary enthusiast, I had a basic knowledge of the cars, but the notion of them finally being allowed to be stateside was enough to send me down the rabbit-hole to find out as much as I could. There was a ton of good information on some Aussi/New Zealand based sites which gave me a good foundation. But then I found a build thread on the RX7Club. This thread was made by an Air Force member who was stationed in Okinawa. I read everything he had written about the car up until that point, and continued to follow along with it for the next few months. I realized this was my ideal JC, and recreating the car would be virtually impossible. It had everything I could possibly want: 20B, Rare parts, track focused parts, and the most important...a manual swap. Fast forward a year or so, and he had been stationed back in the states and brought the car with him. So when he put it up for sale, I knew if I didn't get this particular car, I would never be happy with another Cosmo. So, I made the arrangements and purchased the car. And it is everything I could have hoped for. I think the only way to make a better JC would to be go all out and do a DCT trans, Ford rear-end, and either big port single turbo or P-Port N/A setup. I don't think my car will ever get that kind of treatment, but I'm willing to bet there will be some youtuber who does something along these lines very soon....

Current Setup

  • Performance: PanSpeed titanium exhaust, turbo outlet back, 40 lbs total, 1 of 6 produced
  • Performance: AutoExe intake
  • Performance: RE Amemiya ECU Type B
  • Performance: Evo 7 intercooler
  • Performance: FC3S 5 speed gearbox conversion
  • Performance: Exedy Single Clutch
  • Performance: 13B Cosmo rear diff w/ Mazdaspeed 2-way LSD
  • Performance: Koyo Copper radiator
  • Performance: SuperNow finned transmission oil pan
  • Suspension: Aragosta coilover/Swift Springs
  • Suspension: Carbing front strut bar
  • Suspension: AutoExe front and rear under chassis brace
  • Wheels: Polished R33 GT-R wheels
  • Tires: Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 tires
  • Exterior: Carbing radiator cooling plate
  • Exterior: Garage R'ock On Produce front air dam
  • Exterior: Factory option neon lit side skirts, rear skirts, and wing
  • Performance: R32 GT-R calipers, JZA80 StopTech slotted rotors/Rear brakes: slotted Dixcel rotors
  • Interior: 350mm Nardi Steering Wheel
  • Interior: JDM RX-8 Type S Recaro seats (mounted to factory power sliding rails)
  • Interior: GReddy Profec Boost Controller
  • Interior: Defi ZD All-in-one digital gauge
  • Interior: Mazdaspeed shift knob


Goober Goalie

Just an old guy who's into rotaries and all things 90s Japanese. Been involved in the rotary community for over 20 years now, and have dabbled in other platforms over that timeframe as well. I'm so old, I took a modified FC RX-7 to see the original FnF in theaters. I'm looking forward to sharing my experiences and learning some new things from this community.