2017 BMW M2

Post By: Gerardo Hernandez

Date: 05/05/2023

The Story

September 2020, I started off looking for a 135i around my area and found nothing, I decided to expand my search and did find one through Carvana and ordered it. I decided to cancel the order later that night, I wanted something more modern and started looking at the 2 series. Nothing around my area, except for one M2, I ended up taking it home.

Current Setup

  • Exterior: CF Grill
  • Exterior: CF Mirror caps
  • Exterior: Rear lip (Kies CF spoiler)
  • Exterior: Adro CF side skirts
  • Exterior: CF rear diffuser (TMS)
  • Wheels: Stock 437
  • Exterior: Kies CF lip spoiler

Planned Upgrades

  • Wheels: BBS winter/snow setup
  • Exterior: Adro CF front lip
  • Performance: TMS down pipe


Gerardo Hernandez