FK7 Civic Sport Hatchback

Post By: Andres F

Date: 12/14/2023

The Story

When I purchased this vehicle it was supposed to be a fun daily econobox car. The 10th gen civic hatchback checked so many boxes for me. 4 doors, hatchback, good fuel economy, 3 pedals and aftermarket support for days. After about a month of ownership I found that there was a massive 10th gen community starting to build. I think this is because the 10th gen civic was the first to offer a manual turbo car to the entry level lineup. This combination was seen on the civic lx, sport, ex, and touring trims. With that said many car buyers that in the past would not have gotten an Si / type r model found they had a nice little package that they could modify.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Avid AV27 18x9.5 hyper black
  • Tires: Continental Extreme Contact Sport 255 40 18
  • Suspension: Civic Type R rear sway bar and endlinks
  • Suspension: D2 Springs
  • Suspension: DC 1 piece strut bar
  • Performance: Ktuner
  • Performance: Mishimoto Intercooler
  • Performance: Ingen Intake
  • Performance: PRL Catless Downpipe
  • Performance: PRL Up pipe
  • Performance: CRV Turbo (same as civic SI)
  • Performance: Two Step Performance Flex Fuel Kit
  • Performance: RV6 FK8 Retrofit Flywheel with FK8 Clutch
  • Performance: Hyundai Genesis Brembo retrofit with Nissan Rouge rotors
  • Exterior: Honda Access Black H Badges
  • Exterior: Mugen Raingaurds
  • Exterior: Top1 Fog light vented garnish
  • Exterior: ABS Dynamics fk8 style front lip
  • Exterior: Ebay hood deflector
  • Exterior: Ebay Duckbill spoiler
  • Exterior: LaminX yellow fog light covers
  • Exterior: Eyes of Megatron LED Headlight Bulbs
  • Interior: Ebay Mugen Shift Knob

Planned Upgrades

  • Performance: 27Won W2 turbo
  • Performance: IMW Dyno Tune