Ford Focus ST3

Post By: Jordan Dudzic

Date: 01/30/2024

The Story

I commute 2 hours to work everyday so….my wife told me to buy a car that makes the drive more fun. So I picked up this Ford Focus ST3 and began the daily driver build! It already has 150,000 on it and it is the most fun daily driver I have ever owned.

Current Setup

  • Suspension: FSwerks front and rear sway bars
  • Performance: Cobb access-port/stratified tune
  • Performance: Catless Downpipe
  • Performance: Cobb air intake
  • Performance: Cobb intercooler
  • Performance: MBRP exhaust
  • Exterior: Wing riser kit
  • Exterior: Cup lip spoilers in the front
  • Exterior: Black and White LED tail lights.
  • Interior: Carbon fiber shift knob


Jordan Dudzic