From Wheels to headache: The story of my 94 Civic Hatch

Post By: Juan Sanchez

Date: 01/26/2024

The Story

I guess it can be kind of difficult to figure out how I got here sometimes but I guess if you had to pick a point, it all started with a set of custom Mugen MR2s. You see, I fell out of love with the car they belonged to and they were all that was left after I sold it. It was like keeping the dog after the divorce, ha. The problem was that the wheels weren't as cute as a dog and I just couldn't get anyone to buy them. Until one fateful day someone offered to trade me a stock d16z6 Del Sol. I made the deal and ended up driving that on and off for about a year. Sadly even that had a bit too many gremlins. Poor seals that let you predict the weather and a targa top that rattled to the beat of every bump in the road. Despite those idiosyncrasies, I fell in love with how that little single cam sounded. I knew that my time with the Del Sol was at its end and it was time to build my own version of a perfect Civic powered by that same little single jingle. With that in mind, I went out to try find a minimal rust, non butchered platform to start my build. A little piece of the golden era just for me, a 94 Civic Hatch. Some of you will know how hard this might be since its been decades since 2 Fast 2 Furious has been out. This build has hit and over come some roadblocks and is about to hit its 4 year anniversary this Spring. If all goes right, it might just celebrate its 4th year on the road! For those that may want to see a more detailed build along with the story of how the car was kidnapped during Covid, you can read about it here. https://www.d-series.org/threads/eg-hatch-high-compression-build.313954/#post-5160604

Current Setup

  • Wheels: