Frost – 2015 Scion TC

Post By: Trevor Anderson

Date: 05/14/2024

The Story

This is my first car and I’ve been building it for the last 4 years. As much as most people would probably think I’m dumb, this is gonna be a forever car for me. First car nostalgia is a crazy thing

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Konig Hypergram, gunmetal
  • Suspension: BC Racing BR style coilovers
  • Exterior: Seibon TS carbon hood
  • Exterior: Custom headlights
  • Exterior: Seibon TS side skirts
  • Exterior: Seibon carbon hatch
  • Exterior: Spec D tailights
  • Exterior: King fiber diffuser and rear caps
  • Performance: Willwood 4pot BBK
  • Exterior: Custom front grille
  • Performance: Weapon R header
  • Performance: Aluminum cold air intake
  • Performance: Borla axle back exhaust
  • Performance: Torque solutions front motor mount
  • Performance: NST lightweight crank pulley
  • Performance: Ultra racing rear subframe brace
  • Performance: TB Preformance Front mid chassis brace
  • Performance: TB Preformance rear mid chassis brace
  • Performance: TB Preformance C pillar brace
  • Performance: TB Preformance rear strut brace
  • Performance: TRD front strut brace
  • Exterior: DNA motoring LED third brake light
  • Interior: NRG Prisma Ultra bucket seat (Black)
  • Interior: Braum harness bar (Bronze)
  • Interior: Custom Carbon interior trim
  • Exterior: Password JDM carbon engine cover
  • Exterior: Custom carbon rad cooling plate
  • Exterior: Custom carbon fuse box cover
  • Exterior: HPS coolant hoses
  • Exterior: Billet TEQ oil cap
  • Exterior: ACCG aluminum battery box
  • Exterior: Sequential mirror turn signals
  • Exterior: RCF style rear fins
  • Interior: Planted technologies seat bracket
  • Exterior: Bearded panda fab carbon front lip
  • Wheels: H&R 10mm front spacers
  • Wheels: Titan 20mm rear spacers
  • Exterior: TRD stubby antenna
  • Exterior: TRD valve stem caps (not really a mod)
  • Exterior: Rocket bunny style duck bill


Trevor Anderson

Just a dude building his car