K Swapped S13

Post By: Mason Morissette

Date: 05/05/2023

The Story

Hey guys, Im Mason. Im a 22-year-old online college student working full-time and starting my first drift build. In March of 2023, I saw Tommy F Yeah selling an S13 hatch shell from Texas completely free of rust for $2500. I pounced on the opportunity so I could build my first drift car on what I would consider to be the ideal chassis and got it on a trailer home that weekend. I currently have stripped out the entire car, and am in the process of removing the sound deadening (Need more dry ice). I have currently ordered almost all of my steering components and bushings (just need tie rods). After installing the new parts I have for the subframe and steering overhaul I will order some new BC coils to finish the suspension setup. I decided to go with a K24a2 swap as it can hold up to 450whp on stock internals and overall seems to be a great swap candidate which won't be expensive to replace if it blows up. There is a whole bunch of planned mods below, but there will be many more than what I have listed here so far (Bodywork to fix all the dings and pulling the large dent in the rear driver-side corner and taillight, Paint, and Cage come to mind) and I will continually update with more photos to track the progress on the build. You are currently seeing the 240 in its worst state, we can only go up from here!

Current Setup

  • Performance: ISR Pro Series Angled Suspension Arm Package
  • Performance: Energy Suspension Bushing Kit
  • Performance: GKTECH Solid Aluminum Steering Rack Bushings
  • Performance: GKTECH Solid Aluminum Steering Shaft Bushing
  • Performance: GKTECH Roll Center Correction Kit (Opens Steering Angle up to 60 Degrees with the Factory LCA Stop Removed
  • Performance: GKTECH Solid Rear Subframe Bushings
  • Wheels: Turbo Manifold (Touge Factory)
  • Suspension: BC BR Coilovers

Planned Upgrades

  • Performance: K24A2 Engine Swap
  • Performance: Touge Factory K-Swap Hydraulic Power Steering Kit
  • Performance: Koyorad RWD K Swap Radiator Cooling Package (From Touge Factory With Matching Rad Fans)
  • Performance: Skunk2 Ultra Series Intake Manifold
  • Performance: ID 1050x Injectors
  • Performance: Radium Fuel Rail, Fuel Filter, FPR, Fuel Lines, and AN Fittings
  • Performance: K Swap Coolant Neck and Thermostat Housing (Touge Factory)
  • Performance: Motor Mounts and Transmission Mount (Touge Factory)
  • Performance: Oil Pan (Touge Factory)
  • Performance: Touge Factory Clutch, Flywheel, and Transmission Adapter Plate
  • Performance: BMW ZF Transmission
  • Performance: Shifter and Selector Rod (Touge Factory)
  • Performance: LINK ECU and Digital Display
  • Performance: GT-25 550
  • Performance: Tial 44mm Wastegate
  • Performance: Touge Factory S Chassis Swap Downpipe
  • Performance: Wiring Specialties Engine and Chassis Harness
  • Performance: 5 Lug Hub conversion
  • Performance: Villains Hydro Handbrake Kit


Mason Morissette