Martini 12 Mazdaspeed3

Post By: Pierce Sams

Date: 05/05/2023

The Story

Growing up I had always loved cars and when in my upper teens started going to large car shows such as Import Alliance and Slammedenuff. I absolutely fell in love with the show/stance scene and would stop at nothing to be a part of it. And the best parts of these shows was to find the truly unique builds that had been built by someone that was truly passionate about what they had, and these never failed to stand out in a crowd. So when it came time to get rid of my 8th gen civic si and leave the Honda world, I wanted to find a new platform that was rarely touched or seen in my area. One of the first things that brought my attention to the Mazdaspeed 3 platform was Alex's fitment industries video "So you want a Mazdaspeed 3". I loved all the unique characteristics of the car. It was a hot hatch with a personality and a goofy smile. Something that you had to truly maintain and control so that you don't blow it up by going lean or torque steer into a curb. So after weeks of searching I finally found a 2012 Mazdaspeed 3 that wasn't falling to pieces. I quickly went to work modifying it to be quicker and somewhat more reliable, reading all of the toxic facebook groups to find out how to keep this thing from completely detonating itself. I finally had saved up the money for an airlift kit which I had been a dream of mine ever since my first. That was later followed by my dream set of wheels, a brand new set of Work CR3P custom made for me. The car was truly becoming mine. While working hard to bring the build to where it is today, I began getting accepted into these car shows that I had been practically raised in since being a teenager. I even got accepted into Slammedenuff's show car team, which felt like a dream come true. The build still has a long way to go and I can't wait to see where it takes me.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Work CR3P 18x9 +28
  • Suspension: Airlift bags and 3p management system
  • Tires: Falken ziex ze960 a/s
  • Interior: Grip royal plum crazy steering wheel w/ nrg short hub and gen 2.0 quick release
  • Exterior: Martini racing livery themed striping w/ martini works banner
  • Exterior: galvez customs rear diffuser and side skirt extensions
  • Exterior: corksport forged carbon large hood scoop
  • Exterior: Custom made stainless steel tear drop shaped exhaust tips
  • Exterior: Bayson R front lip
  • Exterior: Project Motorsports wing extension
  • Exterior: modified Led pod fog lights
  • Performance: Cobb accessport tuned by freektune
  • Performance: HPS SRI intake
  • Performance: JBR underoute fmic piping, turbo inlet piping, recirc valve pipe, oil catch can
  • Performance: Corksport passenger, trans, and rear mounts
  • Performance: Corksport 51r battery conversion box
  • Performance: Cobb 3 port electronic boost controller solenoid
  • Performance: Autotech HPFP internals
  • Performance: CPE catted down-pipe
  • Performance: XS Power Turbo manifold
  • Performance: UR 3 inch stainless catback
  • Performance: CPE upgraded injector seals
  • Performance: Damond Motorsports EGR delete plates and short shifter plate
  • Performance: treadstone tr6 intercooler