Mazda Mazdaspeed3 PAPR1KA

Post By: Dylan Nightingale

Date: 04/18/2023

The Story

Mazdaspeed3.. The car that caught my eye as a teen, plunging me into a JDM obsession. The first car I ever bought with my own hard-earned money. The car I drove 11 hours just to buy. The car that was totaled out in a freak collision 2 years later... Leading 2 Mazdaspeed3 2.0! The tomato incarnate.. setting off car alarms during cold starts and torque steering its way into the hearts of families worldwide (or something like that). Lots of stuff to come with it still, but time and money is a hold up for everyone! I post progress on the cars dedicated instagram: @__papr1ka

Current Setup

  • Suspension: Fortune Auto 500 coilovers w/Swift springs (8k front 6k rear)
  • Suspension: Whiteline rear swaybar
  • Suspension: Moog Endlinks
  • Suspension: DBA T3 4000 Slotted rotors + StopTech stainless steel brakelines + EBC Yellowstuff brakepads
  • Tires: Continental ExtremeContact DWS06Plus 225/40/18
  • Performance: Mishimoto M Line front mount intercooler core w/ CX Racing piping
  • Performance: Corksport 4" Intake
  • Performance: Corksport CST5 w/EWG downward facing dumptube
  • Performance: cp-e 3" TBE
  • Performance: Corksport 8th port auxiliary fueling system
  • Performance: cp-e xFlex transmission and Passenger motor mounts (55a) + Corksport Stage II Rear motor mount (95a)
  • Performance: Damond PCV plate + EGR delete
  • Performance: Damond Stage II Oil catch can (vented)
  • Performance: Corksport Short shifter kit + short shift plate
  • Exterior: RallyArmor mudflaps
  • Exterior: Corksport carbon fiber hoodscoop w/ original mazdaspeed3 badge
  • Exterior: MFG Lighting custom headlights w/ switchback LEDs and Sharingan etching
  • Exterior: Bayson R grille w/ cp-e 'MS3' front license plate mount
  • Exterior: Project M front splitter
  • Exterior: Strafedesign sideskirts w/winglets
  • Exterior: Piano black vinyl roof wrap
  • Exterior: Project M rear wing extension
  • Interior: Eonon R63 touchscreen radio w/backup camera
  • Interior: Shift Royal custom \'Hanami\' boot cover w/ Lucky cat shift knob
  • Interior: Genuine \'blessed\' yen coin w/ porcelain lucky cat token


Dylan Nightingale