Redeemed FC

Post By: Dominic Jensen

Date: 12/11/2023

The Story

Bought this NA GXL FC in 2017 as a passed around drift missile. It was dented, barley ran, leaked hydraulic fluid, fitment was bad, badly welded diff, etc. This FC had a lot of history prior to me that i found out later on. It was offroaded, drifted, painted with a early 2000s paintjob, had a supra styled wing, and much more. I didn't have much money when i first had it so i was just happy to have it. I wanted to drift it but I couldn't afford that life. Eventually i took the drift mods off so i could just enjoy the FC. Had a lot of fun times, blew the diff up at a light, belt snapped and i limped home 15 miles on shoelaces for belts and Eventually got rear ended by a drunk driver! That's when gen 2 started. My wife and i learned body repair, painting, and all that to rebuild it. This FC means a lot to us since i met her because of it and many dates were driven with this car. I did my best budget painting i could (which will be repainted in gen4). Fixed up a lot of issues it had, deleted broken emissions and unnecessary parts. To make it a light street car. I had a custom exhaust made from spare exhaust components. At this point i spent a lot of time enjoying the car where it sat until i moved to a new place. Gen3 was a huge change in the powertrain. I deleted the EFI and slapped on a Holley carb kit with a carb that was way larger then it needed. How i have it setup is the aux' intake actuators were removed opening up all ports, then i put an open spacer under the carb so the carb feeds both rotors and all 6 ports at the same time. This also allowed the secondary pump to add more fuel in the top end. There is no bottom end power but its peak powerband at 4k to 8k. I also used the Stock ECU to control timing so i could retain the coil packs without a dizzy conversion. Cosmetically It was still rough, however a friend threw away his old widebody kit at which he let me come take out trash since it was perfectly fine. Fit the whole kit front/rear bumpers, skirts and all into the back of a Veloster. Lol Its not full wide since the rear fenders are stock but the front fenders aren't super wide either. Slapped that on there along with a ducktail and that's about where it is now For the wheels I got later on as a gift from my wife, they came off her static and cambered 8th gen civic that she sold without them. It was nice to have a full set of wheels since i had mismatched sets this entire time. I blew the clutch and while it was down to fix that I started cleaning up the interior and engine bay but just when i got it on the road the virus hit and i parked it. Unfortunately I haven't driven it since due to a lot moving and lack of place to work on it. On top of that Utah now requires emissions on 1981+ vehicles which is hard to do on a catless carbed, flame spitting rotary. Gen4 is in the works, i had a few other cars come and go that i learned a lot more on. And my current daily taught me tons about wheels and suspension. There's a lot more that I left out but that's the basic overview. I also am probably forgetting parts. Its been years of ownership now

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Crown vic wheels
  • Performance: Holley carb conversion
  • Suspension: Pbm coilovers
  • Exterior: Full kit plus fenders
  • Performance: Resonated straight pipe from engine back
  • Exterior: Duck tale
  • Suspension: Manual steering rack swapped in
  • Wheels:


Dominic Jensen