Rx-8 Build

Post By: Curtis Stevenson

Date: 07/11/2023

The Story

The year is 2004, I am replacing my 98 civic with a new more powerful car. Options include Cooper S by Mini, WRX-Sti from Subaru, or the new Mazda Rx-8. The Mini is nice but really 3rd in the list, WRX cost bait more than I could afford at the time but looks sweet, then comes Mazda with 'Employee Pricing for Everyone'. Sweet, I spaced out a Winning Blue 6 speed manual, with cloth interior sun roof, Bose audio, basically everything but leather and navigation. Then came the slight mods, clear corner lights, Racing Beat cat-back exhaust, added one small sub for extra base that the Bose lacked, some window tint and I'm off! Drove this thing like a chariot from hell. up and down the NC highways, only car that really kept pulling in any gear all the way in any gear. Then came the impala...Oct 31st 2005. Boom right into my driver side doors. I came out with a small bruise from my flip phone, could have been much worse. The car however didn't make it. I then tried the Mini out for a few years, and now daily an Impreza, its not a WRX but its nice enough. But I'm back in the hunt for a clean (enough) Rx-8, 2004-2008 preferred, and I have funds and plans to build back to where I was + more, and take it out to enjoy, and maybe take to a new road course that should be open near me in 2024/25 -Update July 11th 2023- Found a reasonable 2004 Rx-8 about 4 hours from my- recent rebuild with an exhaust and CarPlay radio already done. Mapping out maintenance items and then refreshing the nearly 20 year old car.

Current Setup

  • Performance: What I believe to be a Greddy exhaust,but it has melted the trim and I prefer the sound of the Racing Beat. Also I never had an issue with it melting the bumper so I plan to replace both the cat back and the trim.
  • Interior: Older Panasonic CarPlay radio is nice, but prior owner never added the back up camera so looking at that and possible replacement for a wireless CarPlay option.

Planned Upgrades

  • Wheels: Enkei T6R - I love a solid 6 spoke and this is a newer wheel that is not over done yet. Tires are in really good shape from prior owner so this may get pushed down little and I'll focus on the body work


Curtis Stevenson